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The future of public transport

One of my earlier dreams - that still has not been done in 2024.

One of my earlier dreams - that still has not been done in 2024.

The least innovative industry?

I wrote this in 2016:

Conventional public transport is too slow, inefficient and expensive. Yet, there are few plans for something radically better. The only exciting stuff is coming out of The Boring Company and Hyperloop. The established public transport dinosaurs are not innovating. But there is a lot more that could be done right now, with proven technologies - before we go nuts and dig 10 levels of underground tunnels. Read about Pods.

In the meantime, Hyperloop and it’s clones seem to have died out.

The Boring Company dag a few tunnels that serve few people and don’t have a major impact.

Sydney is adding more bus routes.

The planned Prague metro line “D” will be not have a driver and it will be nicer and safer, but, just like in the 70s, you will wait for 5 minutes (off-peak) for the next train.

We could do better and it wouldn’t take much.

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